The Etnollano Foundation was born in 1984 on the initiative of a group of health and social sciences professionals who wanted the results of their research to have a practical application and contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of indigenous, rural communities and urban slums of the Eastern Plains and the Amazon in Colombia.

Today, Etnollano accompanies the indigenous communities of these regions in their organisational and governance processes in matters of health and gender, intercultural education and community economies. Through well-being built from their own, but promoting an accurate articulation with local and national institutions to have better access to essential services and the exercise of their rights in a sustainable way.

  • Access to their territory: credibility with the communities and legitimacy with the institutions to work directly with the population.
  • Planning and coordination: the ability to generate bridges between different actors and visions of the territory. Using an intercultural approach and based on relationships of trust with communities.
  • Sustainable processes through integral, sustained and medium and long-term work based on methodologies built with communities and institutions.
  • Effectiveness and impact implementing coordinated work with local and national institutions and ability to generate identifiable and measurable results and impacts.

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