"My experience of the CELTA course at the British Council was excellent and I’m so glad that I was able to do it there. The tutors were very helpful, approachable and supportive in terms of helping us plan for our teaching practice and giving useful and constructive feedback. There was a real ‘team’ spirit, where I felt that we were all supporting each other through what was a very intensive and demanding (but rewarding) course. 

The resources at the British Council are also brilliant, with interactive whiteboards (including all the latest software and technology) and a library full of books on EFL theory and ideas for lessons. 

For me, the best thing that came out of doing the CELTA is that I’m now working as a teacher at the British Council, which is, without a doubt in my mind, the best institution to work for if you want to develop as an English teacher".

Naomi, CELTA trainee 2013.


"As someone that had been teaching English for 3 years (with an alternative TEFL qualification), I found the CELTA experience invaluable. As with any course there is an element of theoretical learning and handling the vast quantities of information can be hard work.  But it’s worth it as the theory is really brought to life in the teaching observations.  

The tips and feedback from the instructors really helped me to improve my teaching and I feel I left the course a much better teacher. The ability to handle (and give) constructive feedback is essential for this course, as is creating the time needed to prepare for the observed classes. 

You will truly get back what you put in and after sometime refining, practising and applying the knowledge in the ‘real world’ I successfully passed the British Councils stringent application process and I’ve just started as an hourly paid teacher".

Mark, CELTA trainee 2014


"After having taught English as a Foreign Language informally in Colombia for about two years, I decided it was time to take a course that would give me the necessary skills to become a better teacher. 

The CELTA course at the British Council surpassed my expectations with its content. It offered a good amount of pedagogical theory, which was outweighed by practical, applicable and often entertaining teaching methodology. The CELTA course is very hands-on, as from week 1 each trainee teacher is expected to teach, with the supervision of highly experienced and knowledgeable teacher trainers who are always willing to provide trainees with the support they need to prepare high quality, effective classes.

From a personal perspective, life post-CELTA is testimony to the short course’s validity, reputation and content. I was offered a job not four weeks after completion of the CELTA course at the British Council here in Bogota, where I have continued to put the knowledge I gained in the CELTA into practice". 

Kayleigh, CELTA trainee 2014