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We are currently working with:

  • The Yaruro and the Cuiba peoples in the Caño Mochuelo Reserve (Casanare).
  • The Puinave people in the Bachaco-Buenavista Reserve (Guainía).
  • The Piaroa people in the Gran Selva de Matavén Reserve (Vichada).
  • The Misak people in the Guambía Reserve (Cauca).
  • The Ette Ennaka people in the Nara Kajmanta settlement and the Issa Oristunna Reserve (Magdalena).

We have joined efforts with each of the 6 indigenous peoples to design actions to promote their cultural heritage, in the framework of their worldview and traditional knowledge. Participation complies with current regulatory frameworks on ethnic rights, and recognizes indigenous peoples’ own laws, as well as their life plans (Plan de Vida), in order to preserve their traditions and ancestral knowledge.

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