Currently, the Misak authority is a public entity of a special nature according to the Colombian Ministry of Interior, whose function is to represent the community legally and is organised socio-politically as follows:

  • A Governor and Vice Governor elected by vote and by mandate of the community per year. Its period goes from January 1 to December 31 without any remuneration, since it is a community service that the person provides to the community.
  • Two general secretaries appointed by the General Assembly.
  • Zonal Mayors appointed in the Zonal Assembly and according to their community experience.
  • Zone Secretaries elected in the Assembly and according to their community experience.
  • Sheriffs for each municipality chosen by the Assembly.

Each authority works in duality so that this is a balanced work towards the people. Approximately more than 164 people make up the authorities for each period of validity. There are nine zones in the Guambía Reserve in the municipality of Silvia (Cauca) and two areas that are settlements located in the municipality of Piendamó and Valle.

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