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If you want to learn English near you home or workplace in Bogota, our new teaching centre in the Salitre area of the city is the perfect place to start. Our experienced teachers will help you to choose from a wide variety of courses.

This teaching centre offers:

  • classes on mornings, afternoons and evenings, Monday to Friday, and on Saturday mornings and afternoons
  • highly qualified and experienced teachers
  • the latest in educational technology, including interactive whiteboards
  • easy access to our Learning Centre
  • easy access to other benefits such as our conversation club and book group

We also offer a wide range of teaching courses, including CELTA and DELTA, for English language teachers who wish to develop their teaching skills.

Available courses

English for kids and teens
English for adults
English for the workplace

Don't forget your ID! Please remember to bring your official ID with you when entering this building. You will not be allowed in without it.

Parking facilities in the building and around the area.



  Course dates Registration week
Term 1 15th Jan - 10th Mar 9th - 13th Jan
  Intensives   15th Jan to 9th Feb 9th - 13th Jan
  Intensives   12th Feb - 9th Mar 7th - 10th Feb
Term 2 20th Mar - 19th May 12th - 17th Mar
  Intensives   20th Mar - 20th Apr 12th - 17th Mar
  Intensives   23rd Apr - 18th May 18th - 21st Apr
Term 3 28th May - 21st Jul 21st - 26th May
  Intensives   28th May - 22nd Jun 22nd - 27th May
  Intensives   25th Jun - 19th Jun 20th - 23rd Jun
2-week Intensives 23th Jul - 3rd Aug 18th - 21st Jul
Term 4 13th Aug - 6th Oct 6th - 11th Aug
  Intensives   13th Aug - 7th Sep 6th - 11th Aug
  Intensives   10th Sept - 5th Oct 5th - 8th Sep
Term 5 16th Oct - 7th Dec 9th - 13th Oct
  Intensives   16th Oct - 9th Nov 9th - 13th Oct
  Intensives   13th Nov - 7th Dec 7th - 10th Nov
2-week Intensives 10th - 21st Dec 5th - 7th Dec

Term dates

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