Empowering young Colombians at risk to tell their stories of positive transformation and contribute to the first digital comic for peace.

The project supports young people in developing their own voice in order to communicate their experience, allowing them to start a healing process, forge an inclusive historical memory, and time promote the rebuilding of our social fabric. 

It’s important to tell stories because we can communicate our feelings. Through a story we can leave behind tensions and feel good -Jhunnior, participant of the programme

The project consisted of a series of storytelling workshops led by a UK trainer. 80 young people told their stories to later be transformed into a bilingual digital comic of the highest artistic quality to allow them to act as catalysts for change and establish dialogue with their peers worldwide.

UK artists’ talent recognised internationally, success cases from the UK (Especially Northern Ireland) become models for the development of digital storytelling project for peace building in Colombia, some of the most innovative storytelling methodologies from the UK highlighted internationally.