"For my daughter the experience of studying at the British Council has been amazing. The interactive methodology used by the British Council makes the English learning process happen naturally, so the children acquire all the basic skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) while they also make friends, play and enjoy every moment in their classes. At the same time, the homework and material available both in the Learning Centre and online complements the knowledge and skills that they pick up in their face-to-face classes."
Jorge, the father of Catalina, 9 

"I like the British Council because I learn a lot here by practicing, and not just by reading and copying lots of words from the whiteboard."
María Camila, 16

"The British Council is the best English school because we have the best teachers in the world, we play the best games, and in the future we'll be professionals and we'll speak the two best languages in the world. I love it."
David, 14

"The classes at the British Council are fun, modern and very creative. We learn while we play."
Luisa, 10

"My teacher is great with all the students. The British Council has good teachers, good centres and the classrooms are nice to be in."
Diana, 10