"From the moment I started taking my first classes, the teaching methodology and resources were different and interesting, which made me see learning English in a more attractive and interesting way, and made it seem much easier to study... Through the British Council, the United Kingdom shows its best face and opens up its vision of the world to Colombians."
Diana Carolina (Pre-intermediate student)

"Probably the best place to study English, with the best professionals, materials and classrooms. These courses open doors to many people, as you can use your knowledge in every area of life, while also enjoying learning a beautiful language that will stay with you forever."
Nicolás (Intermediate student).

"I'm learning for personal reasons and little by little I'm opening a new window on the world as I start to understand lots of things around me that I didn't understand before because I didn't know the language. I'm sure this tool will help me in my future plans and travels."
Julián (Beginners student)

"Starting to learn a foreign language is also about getting to know another culture and society that is different from your own. This is the type of learning that I've found at the British Council: alongside learning grammar and vocabulary, the teachers are interested in showing you different ways of thinking and behaving. This means that not only do you gain in-depth knowledge of the English language, but also British culture. Learning English in this way is profoundly rewarding, as it allows you to communicate better and opens doors to more solid and long-lasting links with English speaking people."
Alejandra (Intermediate student)

"Thanks to the British Council, I can now write and read in English, which is something I never thought I'd be able to do. For example, this year I've already read 4 books in English thanks to the British Council book club, which is offered free to students every term."
Adriana (Advanced student)

"The students that go to classes at the British Council are very entrepreneurial. The teachers are excellent too. As well as having warm and enthusiastic personalities, they also have the patience, intelligence and most effective methods for teaching the English language. In the short time I've been studying here I've learned a huge amount. This has helped me to understand dialogues which would have been impossible to understand before I started at the British Council, and my self-confidence has also increased."
Juliana (Pre-intermediate student)