"I'm learning English because at work I have to interact in this language almost every day. I feel very satisfied because since I've been taking classes at the British Council my ability to express myself has improved a lot and I've learned lots of new vocabulary that's allowed me to communicate better with the foreign staff at the company where I work."
Paola (Upper-Intermediate student)

"I like the classes at the British Council because you practice all four communicative skills, which is very interesting and effective in terms of learning the language. Every class is based on a different theme and methodology, such as interviews, group work and practical grammar exercises, which makes the classes different and entertaining."
Cristian Camilo (Intermediate student)

"Being at the British Council has helped me lose my fear of speaking in English. Maybe one of the most important factors is the personalised teaching you receive. Every teacher makes an effort to get to know each one of their students, which gives direction to the learning process and helps you strengthen the areas where you don't feel so comfortable."
Arnold Jonathan (Advanced student)

"From the moment I started taking my first classes, the teaching methodology and resources were different and interesting, which made me see learning English in a more attractive and interesting way, and made it seem much easier to study the language... Through the British Council, the United Kingdom shows its best face and opens up its vision of the world to Colombians."
Diana Carolina (Pre-Intermediate student)

"I really like the English classes because they're dynamic and make us talk to our classmates all the time. I also really like the attitude of our teachers. I'm studying for work reasons, and the classes have helped me improve my vocabulary and have more confidence when dealing with the requirements of our customers when they speak in English."
Diego Alejandro (Pre-Intermediate student)

"I like the English classes at the British Council because they're taught by experienced professionals. The courses have helped me to read and write documents in English which I used to have to translate online. For me this has meant an increase in salary."
Daniel (Pre-Intermediate student)