The British Council connected artists from Cali and Belfast to exchange experiences about the role of street art in the transformation of cities affected by violence and its potential to engage with youth at risk.

The British Council was the main partner of the Festival last August. This festival was created last year looking to promote the use of street art for the appropriation of public spaces affected by violence, as well as a tool to prevent the recruitment of youth at risk in the city. 

For us is a priority to offer alternative pathways for youth at risk trough innovative approaches like street art. - Tom Miscioscia 

Two Belfast street artists, Marian Noone and Eoin McGinn, produced pieces of street art around the theme of peace in vulnerable areas of Cali. Community members from these areas participated in the painting of the walls with the guidance of the artists. Urban arts curator Adam Turkington also shared his experience during the Festival about the history of Street Art in Northern Ireland and the role it played in the transformation of narratives in the city walls

Following Graficalia one street artist and one curator from Cali visited Belfast last week thanks to the British Council to participate in the Hit the North, biggest Street Arts Festival in Ireland and Northern Ireland.