IELTS es el examen de inglés preferido en el mundo para estudiar y trabajar en el exterior, tan solo el año pasado fue presentado por más de 3 millones de personas que deseaban obtener oportunidades laborales y estudiantiles alrededor del mundo.

We are looking for suitably qualified and experienced teachers to train and join our team of IELTS Examiners based in Bucaramanga, Cali and Medellin.

To be considered you will need to be based in one of the cities above and be available to work in at least one test session per month. Test sessions are held on a weekly basis, mostly from Thursdays to Saturdays.

IELTS Examiner Minimum Professional Requirements

All applicants for the post of Examiner must have the qualifications and experience outlined below:


  • An undergraduate or Master’s degree or qualification(s) that can be demonstrated to be equivalent to an undergraduate or Master’s degree (3 years’ full-time academic study, or a minimum of one year’s full-time academic study in the case of a Master’s degree).


  • A TEFL / TESOL qualification from a recognised institution (at minimum Certificate level).


  • EFL / ESOL-related studies completed as part of an undergraduate / post graduate award course from a recognised institution (minimum Certificate level equivalent).


  • A degree in Education (if supported by an undergraduate degree which includes studies focused on English language).

All qualifications must be validated by a reputable institution and accredited by a professional certification board.

If requested, applicants are required to provide additional information regarding their qualifications (e.g. transcript, course curriculum, evidence of external validation, accreditation by a certification standards board etc.).

Any expenses related to verifying qualifications are to be paid by the applicant. You will be required to produce the original certificates for all qualifications.

Teaching Experience

A minimum of three years’ full-time TEFL teaching experience (or equivalent part time) is required. Almost all of this teaching experience must relate to adult students (16 years and over). Full-time teaching’ is classified as a minimum of 14 hours of face-to-face teaching per week. Freelance and volunteer teaching is not included.

If an applicant’s EFL / ESOL qualification is at Certificate level (or equivalent), one of the three years of full-time teaching experience must be post EFL / ESOL Certificate qualification. If the EFL / ESOL qualification is at Diploma level or higher, the teaching experience can have been completed before the qualification.

Professional Attributes and Interpersonal Skills

An IELTS Examiner is expected to have the following professional attributes and interpersonal skills:

  • Completes tasks accurately and in sufficient detail
  • Observes the need for confidentiality and security
  • Responds positively to guidance and advice
  • Acts professionally at all times
  • Communicates effectively with colleagues and candidates and treats others with respect
  • Is sensitive to cultural differences.

NOTE: Examiners are required to adhere to a Code of Practice and Confidentiality Undertaking and follow all directives from the Centre Administrator and Examiner Trainer. Information will be provided to applicants once recruitment and training have been successfully completed.

How to apply

If you meet the requirements given here, you contact to

NOTE: This position is open throughout the year and we will receive applications from interested candidates. However, the hiring of new staff will be subject to the demand of exams.