Representatives Yaruro, Cuiba, Ette Ennaka, Misak, Puinave, Piaroa - Colombia and Totonaca - Mexico.
Representatives of indigenous peoples Yaruro, Cuiba, Ette Ennaka, Misak, Puinave, Piaroa of Colombia with Totonaca people of Mexico. ©

British Council

Wednesday 18 September 2019 08:00 to Friday 20 September 2019 17:00

As part of the Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth programme (CH4IG), and to celebrate its  80th anniversary in Colombia, the British Council organised, with the support of the Regional Centre for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Latin America (CRESPIAL), the regional symposium “Cultural Heritage for the Inclusive Development of Communities.” 

This symposium facilitates a dialogue between experts with different backgrounds and areas of specialisation on the role that Cultural Heritage plays in the growth of human societies. It also provides a space to share community experiences in relation to heritage safeguarding at national and international levels, and to discuss regulations and issues related to topics such as intellectual property rights, ethnic tourism, ecotourism or fair trade.

The symposium will include representatives of regional programs, as well as British and Colombian experts in topics related with communities’ heritage management in the framework of public policy. It will be attended by representatives of the peoples currently engaged with the CH4IG programme with the goal of fostering their Cultural Heritage (Ette Ennaka, Misak, Piaroa, Puinave, Cuiba and Yaruro indigenous).