Misak smoked trout with beans and vegetables - Misak Traditional Cuisine event, British-Council
Misak smoked trout with beans and vegetables. ©

British Council

Saturday 16 March 2019
08:00 to 17:00

As part of the Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth programme, which seeks a comprehensive strengthening of Cultural Heritage for sustainability and inclusion, the first Misak Traditional Cuisine event took place on March 16th, in the indigenous Guambía reserve, located in the municipality of Silvia, Cauca.

The workshop was organised and led by the Misak people, and it hosted in Sierra Morena 180 participants from the 9 areas of the reserve. During the presentation, mamas (as elder women are referred to) and taitas (elder men), who hold the knowledge of traditional cuisine, prepared and presented different dishes and explained what they contained. They also remarked about the importance of continuing with this type of events. 

The goal was to reclaim and strengthen their people’s ancient traditions and encourage the transmission of knowledge of their culinary heritage to younger generations. Some of the most-used foods are: native onions and potatoes (papa criolla) cubios, trout, meat, banana, cheese, corn, beans, strawberry, cape gooseberry, wild pineapples, peanuts and blackberries