Banner de invitación a Expoartesanías 2019 - Sembrando nuestros saberes
Wednesday 4 December 2019 08:40 to Tuesday 17 December 2019 21:40

From December 4th to the 17th, the British Council will participate in “Expoartesanías 2019” (stand 431, located in pavilion 3, first floor). The stand will exhibit the “Sowing Our Knowledge” programme, its approach and the work carried out with the Ette Ennaka, Misak, Yaruro, Cuiba, Puinave and Piaroa peoples. Visitors will witness first-hand the results of our support of their arts and crafts, whose cultural objects reflect their respective worldviews. This space will give them the chance to sell their products independently in the framework of a recognition of their cultural heritage.

The programme will also include the participation of representatives from the indigenous peoples from “Rueda de Saberes” (The Knowledge Wheel), where they will give live demonstrations of their particular crafts.

  • Provide indigenous people with the experience of an international fair (especially those attending for the first time). Facilitate self-reflection on the potential improvements that can be made in this type of spaces.
  • Make the work of the British Council visible, as a strategic partner for strengthening people’s cultural heritage and their inclusive growth.
  • Show the public at large the new British Council approach, where cultural heritage becomes a key tool for the sustainability and inclusion of indigenous peoples.
  • Promote the participation of representatives from countries attending UNESCO’s Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage, in the framework of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage (COM14), to be held in Bogotá.
  • Artesanías de Colombia
  • Fundación Etnollano
  • Cabildo Indígena de Guambía
  • Asociación Teje Teje
Experts Representatives of the Cuiba, Yaruro, Ette Ennaka, Puinave, Piaroa and Misak peoples.