Thursday 24 September 2020
10:00 to 11:00
Facebook British Council and Petronio Álvarez / Señal Colombia and Telepacífico

Directors and founders of Afro music and culture festivals from the United Kingdom, Ghana, Zanzibar (Tanzania), Brazil and the Petronio Álvarez Festival will meet to discuss the history of these festivals and their working models, as well as to explore the focus, content, projection and potential for collaboration and joint work with other Afro music and culture festivals.

This event is part of the PanAfro programme that was born from the partnership between the Petronio Álvarez Music Festival and the British Council, with the aim of expanding the international connections of the festival for its strengthening in terms of circulation, promotion and knowledge exchange. On this occasion, the festival decides to bet mainly on the relationship with African and Afro-diasporic festivals in the world, as well as on developing the link between the Afro-music and fashion sectors of the Colombian Pacific, Sub-Saharan Africa, Brazil and the United Kingdom.


Yusuf Mahmoud, director ejecutivo de Busara Promotions, Tanzania

Yusuf Mahmoud

Executive Director , Tanzania

Executive Director of Busara Promotions and Director of the pan-African music festival Sauti za Busara, which showcases music from across East Africa and Zanzibar, Tanzania, annually during February. The event has established itself as one of the most respected music festivals in Africa. In 2007, he received the BBC World Shaker Award, for his "enormous contribution to both the local scene in Zanzibar and the world music scene".



Paul Duhaney, cofundador y Director Artístico de Africa Oyé, Reino Unido

Paul Duhaney

Artistic Director for Africa Oyé , UK

Artistic Director for Africa Oyé – the UK’s largest celebration of African music and culture. Now in his 21st year of working for the organisation, he is responsible for the development of their annual music festival, which attracts over 75,000 people each year. In addition to the festival, Africa Oyé programmes tours, educational projects and concerts across the UK. Paul is also a board member of the Mandela8 group in Liverpool


Justin Mckenzie, Director Creativo y ejecutivo, Reino Unido

Justin Mckenzie

Creative Director, UK

Creative Director, Co-CEO and Co-founder of the Jazz Re: freshed music and arts organization and the Jazz Re: fest festival. He also co-founded the Hip Hop record label and event unit Uprock Recordings, which organically led to the creation of the Jazz re:freshed movement in 2003.Jazz re: freshed is a multi-faceted organization that has a weekly live music residency, a record label, the Jazz Re: Fest festival, a film club, a band development program, workshops and more.


Joao Jorge, Presidente Olodum y Director de FEMADUM, Brasil

Joao Jorge

President Olodum and Director of FEMADUM, Brazil

President Olodum and Director of FEMADUM, the Olodum Music & Arts Festival since 1984. Lawyer, cultural producer, and writer. Co-founder and creator of SOS RACISMO. Articulator of the struggle for affirmative action policies in Salvador through the “Repair now” campaign for Afro-descendants. He was one mobilizer of the black chapter in the Constitution of Bahia of 1989, which deals with the rights of the black community & the culture and environment of the State of Bahia.



Ana Copete, directora del Festival de Música del Pacífico Petronio Álvarez, Colombia

Ana Copete

Director of the Petronio Álvarez Festival, Colombia

Lawyer and Master in Public Management from Universidad Santiago de Cali and studies in Negotiation from University of London. She has been a specialist in Culture & Positive Messages for USAID and ACDI / VOCA and director of the Social Management area & Business Development Centre of the Fundación Sociedad Portuaria de Buenaventura, where she led regional processes such as the formalisation of the Viche / Biche of the Pacífic.