Saturday 26 September 2020
10:00 to 11:00
Facebook British Council and Petronio Álvarez / Señal Colombia and Telepacífico

Experts from the fashion sector and contemporary fashion initiatives will talk about current trends in African and Afro-diasporic fashion in different regions, emerging Afro fashion trends, fashion initiatives led by Afro designers, critical view of fashion and stereotypes, cross pollination and references of interdisciplinary fashion and music projects, as well as a look at the current state and future projections of Afro fashion with case studies from the United Kingdom, Colombia, Brazil and sub-Saharan Africa. Additionally, they will make an introduction towards mutual recognition and understanding of contemporary pan-African fashion, which can arouse interest and generate cultural curiosity among emerging designers and audiences from different latitudes.

This event is part of the PanAfro programme that was born from the partnership between the Petronio Álvarez Music Festival and the British Council, with the aim of expanding the international connections of the festival for its strengthening in terms of circulation, promotion and knowledge exchange. On this occasion, the festival decides to bet mainly on the relationship with African and Afro-diasporic festivals in the world, as well as on developing the link between the Afro-music and fashion sectors of the Colombian Pacific, Sub-Saharan Africa, Brazil and the United Kingdom.


Carol Barreto, Brasil. artista visual, diseñadora de moda, escritora y activista, Brasil

Carol Barreto

Visual artist, fashion designer, writer and activist, Brazil

Columnist of the RAÇA Magazine, Professor of the Department of Gender and Feminism Studies of the Universidad Federal de Bahía. Works on the relationship between feminist and anti-racist fashion and political activism, building international visibility on the catwalks of Dakar, Paris, Luanda and art galleries in Chicago, Toronto, New York, Mexico City, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.


Sunny Dolat, curador de moda, productor cultural y director creativo, Kenia

Sunny Dolat

Fashion curator, cultural producer and creative director, Kenya

Freelance fashion curator, cultural producer and creative director who is ushering in a new era for his country's fashion with multiple innovative projects. He is the author of 'Not African Enough' and founder of the Nest Collective, a platform to showcase film, fashion, visual arts and music, which has become a gathering place for young and emerging creators in Nairobi. He co-founded the HEVA Fund, dedicated to supporting emerging artists.

Gloria Wavamunno, Directora de arte y fundadora de Kampala Fashion Week, Uganda

Gloria Wavamunno

Art director and Founder of Kampala Fashion Week, Gwavah

Is the art director and Founder of Kampala Fashion Week established in 2014. Is the art director to her namesake non-binary label est. 2009. And a founding board member of the Fashion Council Uganda.

Website Fashion Week

Website Council Uganda


Samira Garcés, activista, Colombia

Samira Garcés

Activist, Colombia

Activist of the Afro-student movement, founder of WORTEL Tienda de Diseños Étnicos, a project to make visible the ethnic identity of the Colombian Pacific. She has participated in events such as the Petronio Álvarez Pácifico Music Festival Catwalk 2013 to 2016, Africa Fashion Week in Barcelona Spain, among others. Currently, Samira is focused on broadening her vision to foreign audiences and developing empowerment and leadership workshops for Afro women through design.

Mikael Calandra, fundador de Crudo Volta, Reino Unido

Mikael Calandra

Founder of Crudo Volta, UK

Founder of Crudo Volta, a visual project that documents the development of contemporary musical scenes of the African diaspora. and co-curator of 'Sub-Saharan' at London College of Fashion (an exploration of fashion and music culture in West Africa). His work focuses on musical spaces that emerged and developed in African diaspora communities, exploring themes such as cultural identification and actualization at the intersection of music, vernacular culture, and lifestyle.


Ana Copete, directora del Festival de Música del Pacífico Petronio Álvarez, Colombia

Ana Copete

Director of the Petronio Álvarez Festival, Colombia

Lawyer and Master in Public Management from Universidad Santiago de Cali and studies in Negotiation from University of London. She has been a specialist in Culture & Positive Messages for USAID and ACDI / VOCA and director of the Social Management area & Business Development Centre of the Fundación Sociedad Portuaria de Buenaventura, where she led regional processes such as the formalisation of the Viche / Biche of the Pacífic.