BBC World Questions
Monday 5 December 2016
18:00 to 21:00
Luis Angel Arango Library’s Concert Hall

BBC World Questions comes to Colombia

The BBC World Service is holding a series of debates across the world in a time of international change.Recording for the first time in Latin America, BBC World Questions comes to Bogota, Colombia, as the country seeks a recipe for peace and an end to one of the world's longest running conflicts. President Juan Manuel Santos has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace, but the people rejected his deal with the leader of The FARC in a referendum.

Featuring a distinguished panel of key voices, BBC World Questions will provide an opportunity to discuss the future for Colombia at this key moment in its history.

The panel includes:  Sergio Jaramillo, Colombia's High Commissioner for Peace; Senator Ivan Duque, of the Movement Democratic Centre; Mariela Kohon, Director of Justice for Colombia and Advisor to the Peace Delegation of The FARC; and María Emma Wills Obregón, who leads the Department of Gender and Women at Colombia's Historical Memory Commission.

The debate will be lead entirely by questions from the audience who will be able to have their say and be heard round the world. The programme will be recorded at the Luis Angel Arango Library’s Concert Hall.

BBC World Questions is an English-language event staged in partnership with the British Council. As a cultural relations and educational organization and partner of the BBC World Service, the British Council, helps to enable a platform where the general public can join in on democratic debate on a global forum.

No one on the panel knows what will be asked until the night itself. Be part of the audience,your question may be one of the selected for the members of the panel to answer.

Important: Whilst we expect to accommodate everyone, please ensure you arrive on time to be sure of a seat.