How to register to Cambridge English Exams
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Step 1 - Take the placement test

The exam consists of a written test (40 minutes) and a spoken interview (40 minutes).

If you're one of our current students, simply contact our customer services team to re-register for the next course after you've received your certificate at the end of term.

Step 2 - Pick the right course for you

After taking the placement test you'll be advised on which level and course would be best for you or for your child. 

Step 3 - Register for the course 

You or your child can book onto the recommended course in the timetable of your choice.

¿How do I book a placement test?

We need to know your level of english, for that reason you have to take a placement test in any of our centres in Bogotá and Medellín.

Book you plecement test online, by clicking on the link below:

Reserve your placement test here

Please call us if you need more information:

Bogotá (Nogal, Salitre, Cedritos, Niza): +57 (1) 325 9090

Don't forget:

  • The placement test is valid for four months.
  • It costs $45.000 COP. This is not refundable.
  • You can pay for the course with your VISA or MasterCard credit card, your debit card or by cheque (made out to British Council). For security reasons we do not accept cash payments.
  • Take advantage of our flexible payment options and pay in two installments: an initial payment on registration of 65 per cent of the total amount, followed by a second payment of 35 per cent after three weeks. There is a $15.000 charge for this option.

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