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Improve your vocabulary with MyWordBook 2, an interactive vocabulary notebook for language learners. The new version of MyWordBook now offers more vocabulary packs to download from Cambridge University Press dictionaries.

Learn the most important words in the English language through sets of interactive flashcards. Each flashcard contains pictures, sounds, example sentences, translations and notes to help you remember. All word data comes from Cambridge University Press' learner dictionaries.

Practise new vocabulary through a wide range of activities. Once you’ve learnt the word, the word is removed from the flashcard bank into the Review section.

Quickly review words you have learnt at a glance, checking the translations to make sure you remember the meaning.

Create your own flashcards and add images, sounds, notes and translations.

Use MyWordBook 2 every day to build your vocabulary and improve your English. Add new words as you meet them so you never forget them.

Good vocab app! Good way to learn daily vocabulary! It’s really good for non native English speakers since its got pictures to explain the word.”

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